Simple Introduction Of Jacquard Bath Towel

- Sep 30, 2018-

Jacquard bath towel, on the Jacquard loom, the fabric surface to make decorative effect. Nowadays, people like this kind of towel very much. When we use jacquard towels, we should pay attention to the frequent cleaning and drying, do not hang casually. You should know that the scrubbing towel should not be put together with jacquard towels. Avoid getting stained with the sludge. Jacquard bath towel can also be used as pajamas, it is not only warm and special convenience, but also as a leisure blanket to use, at noon watching TV is even, can lie on the sofa to watch TV or nap, as a blanket cover. The thickness is also very good. Jacquard towel can also be used as a small baby's quilt, held in the baby, is not easy to be kicked off, even in the winter, but also can be wrapped on the baby's body towel and then cover the quilt. Good jacquard bath towel is more intimate, the thickness is also wide, affixed to the detail.