How To Make A Plain Towel Does Not Produce Bacteria?

- Sep 30, 2018-

On sunny Sunny Day, does your house's plain towel often dry? Do you always keep plain towels in the bathroom for convenience? In this way, it is convenient for the growth of bacteria, bacteria most like warm and humid environment. Plain towel for a long time in the temperature and humidity state, after a certain period of time, it became a paradise of bacteria, coupled with human skin oil, dust, water impurities, bacteria in the air deposition in plain towels, with such a plain towel wipe the skin, not only do not play a clean role, but will dirty skin, clogging pores. Affect your health. Here ya wei plain cloth towel factory to remind you in plain towel after use should be cleaned in time, there are conditions can be boiled with boiling water for 10 minutes per week disinfection, hanging place to ventilate, preferably dry or dry in time. If the plain towel dry, feel very hard, proof plain towel has too many bacteria, should be replaced.