How To Choose A Plain Weave Towel

- Sep 30, 2018-

1, hand touch up hand induction soft, texture display fluffy. This kind of towel gives a person a comfortable intimate feeling, it feels in the hand is full of elasticity, stick in the skin person with a kind of soft and smooth feeling, need if the towel feels dry hard certainly not good quality. 

2, microfiber towel one eye to look should be colorful. Whether it is a printing or towel, as long as it is exquisite workmanship it must be very bright and fresh, and the color of stale towels try not to pick. 

3, high-quality microfiber towel after repeated cleaning, should not drop hair, not deformation.

4, test water absorption. High-quality microfiber towel rich and strong absorbent energy, and towel wipe out the water dry, dust to the effect. In the purchase of the time, you can hang up the towel, online surface spraying point water stains. If the water is quickly absorbed, it means that the water is good enough. And if water stains are sprayed up, it is not a good product to tumble down into droplets.