How To Care For A Towel

- Sep 30, 2018-

Avoid overheating of the water temperature and drying for a long time when washing cotton towel. In the drying, tumble drying in the machine can make cotton towels more fluffy and soft, and hanging dry do not get this effect. It is best not to be exposed to sunlight or to be forced to dry with an ultra-high heat source. 

Use small amount of detergent to make the towel softer. To avoid dumping detergent directly on the towel, otherwise the detergent residue will cause the towel to harden, and minimize chlorine bleach. 

The fabric softener cannot be used frequently, otherwise it will affect the absorbent of the towel. Wash the dark towel and the light color separately. Avoid washing towels and clothes that contain zippers, hooks or buttons, which can damage the Terry ring. Do not wash the towel and clothing together, the terry Fabric will wrap the light and soft fabrics in the clothing.