How Does A Yarn Dyed Velour Double Jacquard Towels stinks?

- Sep 30, 2018-

Yarn Dyed Velour Double Jacquard Towels is indispensable in our life, we must know the towel on the naïve, skin crumbs, protein, inorganic salts and other impurities, is a good medium of bacteria. and towels are more wet with daily necessities, once the temperature conditions are appropriate, bacteria will breed a large number of breeding. Bacteria excrement contains a lot of ammonia, acetaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and other peculiar smell, will make towel odor..

What if the towel stinks? First, the use of detergent must be fully washed. Secondly, be sure to put it in the ventilated place after use to dry. Thirdly, a towel made of sterilized towel or a bamboo fiber, chitin, bamboo charcoal fiber or hollow yarn containing sterilization agent is selected. Finally, but also the most important point, the towel can not be used for a long time, preferably three months update.