What about the towel drop?

- Sep 30, 2018-

In fact, the reason for the hair towel will appear the following several reasons, there may be the quality of the towel itself is a problem, from this point of view, usually buy towels, do not watch the price does not look at the quality, otherwise, buy back will regret. Second, there may be a towel for a long time, should change the towel.  It may also be the reason that towels are often washed, and it is possible that the towels have been put in damp places for too long. 

Pure cotton towel can be washed and soaked in bleach overnight, use to rest assured; the problem of hair can be solved by more than a few times, remember that each time after washing with electrostatic blisters, wring after a few shakes, cool dry and then shake again, repeat several times just fine. Usually use the towel every time you wash the towel with gold spinning, or wash with detergent, or shampoo can make the towel soft hair, should change the towel regularly, often put the towel in the ventilated place. If the towel drop hair can also put the towel in hot water, dip for about 20 seconds, in the fast ice water, soak for about 10 seconds, take out to wring dry, put a few days, towel drop hair of the problem is completely solved.