Towels should be changed frequently or changed regularly

- Sep 30, 2018-

The towel is made of pure cotton yarn, the cotton fiber is tubular structure, can store the moisture; its main chemical composition cellulose molecule contains a large number of hydrophilic genes, can absorb water. This moisture absorption of cotton yarn, water storage performance makes the towel feel comfortable, decontamination ability, suitable for washing surface cleaning. But it is precisely because of this characteristic that it provides a convenient condition for the breeding of bacteria. Bacteria are most fond of warm and humid environments. 

According to home textile experts, personal towel with 30 days or so should be replaced, the maximum should not exceed 40 days. Otherwise, will be high-temperature cooking to disinfect and soften the towel. Because the towel is used for a long time, become stiff and uncomfortable outside, the most important thing is to contaminate a large number of bacteria, harmful to the human body. Towel for a long time in the temperature and humidity state, after a certain time, it became a park of bacteria breeding, in addition to human skin oil, dust, water impurities, bacteria in the air deposited in the towel, and then wipe the skin with such a towel, not only do not play a clean role, but will stain the skin, clogging pores. Women who like make-up and fast-metabolism children, skin oil, towels more susceptible to infection, particularly harmful. Therefore, towels should be replaced regularly to be conducive to our daily health.