How to keep a towel in touch?

- Sep 30, 2018-

Towel of the most prone to filth in the fiber, produce bacteria, the best way is to buy a dozen good quality towels, often replaced, after use clean drying, make it cleaner, more dry. The quality of the towel can be reflected in this washing. A good quality towel will not become thin and dirty in the washing, it will remain soft after evaporation, still can bring you soft soothing.

The towel on the weaving texture is reasonable, it will be cotton fiber treatment, so that the towel has better water washing, such a towel will feel very thin, but the function is not lost in the thick of the companion. The comfort of the towel depends on the length of the pile head, the good towel velvet head long and dense, this is the symbol of good quality. The kind of cut velvet towel, it can win in the initial use, but not too long, it needs to be replaced. The fine texture of the towel is a guarantee of high quality.

Long fluffy towel good-looking, feeling density is high, but a wash, it is easy to see this towel to become old appearance. Too short water absorption is not good, and with a short velvet towel to rub the skin feel very hard, uncomfortable. Therefore, the best length of towel fluff is 5 mm, according to the standard production of towels more durable. Often change, clean towels in life is very necessary, towels not only to be constantly replaced, at the same time, towels also to carry out high-temperature sterilization, prohibit the production of bacteria, so as to ensure the soft touch and health of the towel.