Category of gift towel material

- Sep 30, 2018-

The first kind is cut the velvet towel, this kind of towel cuts the velvet after in the printing, increases the esthetic feeling which the towel decorates, thus has increased the product grade. The second kind is jacquard towel, this kind of towel uses the fiber raw material also has the yarn fineness scope is very extensive, the design modelling technology is also very complex. The third kind is the non-twist yarn towel, this kind of towel feel is special supple, its hygroscopic performance is also very good, has the function which protects the skin, is a kind of very good beauty towel. The fourth kind is the human cotton beauty towel, this kind of towel color is very bright, the Hygroscopic property is also very good. The fifth kind is antibacterial towel, this kind of towel in damp or warm environment China also will not mildew or stink, also have anti-Mite bacteriostasis, is a new type of health care towel.